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The Hammer of Thor dual power and Artificial Intelligence

The Hammer of Thor

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a group of wise men created the most powerful hammer ever known to man. They named it the Hammer of Thor. A significant amount of time and effort was dedicated to crafting the most potent and refined model the world had ever seen.

They achieved this feat and wanted to prevent others from developing more powerful tools. Why take risks with other models if yours is the best?

These wise men thought it would be best for everyone if their competitors took a permanent summer vacation. They all deserved a break and the rest to prevent them from losing their competitive edge.

Since they weren’t sure if their competitors would listen to them, they asked rulers and their court of bureaucrats to act as policemen. The hammer model created was the best one. Why not prevent, with all their power, that others could advance their plans and “put society and humanity at great risk”?

After careful consideration, these wise men concluded that there was insufficient planning and management to mitigate the risks associated with using the hammer. Their progress did not pose any danger. However, they recognized that progress made by others could impact the history of life on Earth.

Therefore, they recommended that all advancements should be handled with great care.

Rival Competitors of the hammer of Thor

Should rival competitors be allowed to spread false information and propaganda? The company itself did not engage in such activities. Should we change our working methods, even if the current ones are satisfactory, just because someone else’s tool has fewer risks? Is it wise to create tools that surpass human capabilities? 

These individuals had forgotten that tools are only as intelligent and powerful as the humans who wield them. They can be used for both creation and destruction. Is it worth risking the loss of control over our civilization? Perhaps they believe they should retain control.

It was concerning for these experts that this technology could be accessed by people who had not been democratically elected. However, they also seemed to forget that they were not democratically elected. Did they imply that the democratically elected media and they were the same?

Therefore, upon reaching the Hammer of Thor, it was essential to pause and reflect on whether the development of this technology was feasible and beneficial. As suggested, it’s the right time to cease further progress (not before or after).

The competitors and the rest of the world’s countries listened to their recommendations. Their technological development was paused to prevent their advances from falling into the wrong hands.

This way, they could progress without any potential issues, leading to a happier, more content, and safer world. But was it the case? I’m not entirely sure anymore.

Note: Mjölnir also known as the hammer of Thor was the weapon of the thunder god Thor in Scandinavian mithology. 

This hammer could have a dual use. It could be used to cause great destruction, but it was also useful for blessings.

This weapon is mentioned in a large number of Scandinavian works from the 11th century AD. 

Conclusion – The hammer of Thor

Artificial Intelligence (as any other tool, instrument or discovery) has a dual nature. It could be used as a destructive weapon or it could be used as a mean to face the challenges of our present society.  

Just to limit its development doesn’t solve the problem. 
We should rather reflect on what we want to use artificial intelligence for and what means we are going to use to limit the risks associated with the use of this new technology.

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