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More about Cape Canaveral School of Continuing Education

Cape Canaveral School of Continuing Education is an institution located in Florida, which is dedicated to online training in different specialties. 

One of our main interests is to offer online courses about Science (artificial inteligence and space science) and the social impact of these new technologies on the welfare of (all) human beings. 

We also are specialized in Neuroscience of Business. We want to know how the knowledge of our brain makes possible a better customer experiences, and how the neurorights of all the human beings (an also of other animals) should be respected and protected by law. 

In adition, we plan to develop different courses on Digital Marketing and Communication. We believe that in today’s society it is necessary to have good communication skills to be able to provide good customer service to companies and institutions that want to develop a truthful, responsible and ethical corporate communication. 

Finally, at Cape Canaveral School of Continuing Education we place great importance on the study of the humanities. We consider the knowledge inherited from previous generations to be a great gift that we must accept and integrate into our daily practice. To do so, we must take the best of them (which is a lot) and discard the less positive aspects, so that we can pass on to future generations an even better world.

However, it seems to us that the best approach to the humanities is an open dialogue with society, with science and with technological progress.

Our progress as a civilization is enormous, but it also entails risks that can lead to our destruction. Therefore, it is important that we know where we have come from and where we should direct our future.

At Cape we believe that it is necessary to know what is being done in each field of knowledge, knowing how to value the progress achieved, but also analyzing new discoveries in a critical and constructive manner. Only in this way will we be able to propose improvements, detect risks and be able to denounce unfair practices that may be occurring.