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The Impact of AI Technology on CTV Advertising

AI and Advertisement 

It goes without mentioning that artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI, has revolutionized every aspect of modern life. AI is starting to become increasingly useful in a myriad of careers. From the medical to the marketing field, AI has demonstrated its effectiveness. The marketing field, for instance, has been utilizing AI to help create advertisements that can appeal to greater audiences.

Firstly, new insights from LG Ad Solutions reveal how consumers think about and what they prefer regarding the use of AI in Content-Tailored TV (CTV) ads. Data shows that 49% of customers can tell if something is an AI-generated ad or not. Almost half (49%) declare no difference in whether such an ad has been created using AI or traditional methods so long as it looks genuine. This data indicates that AI is already playing a significant role in driving CTV’s growth. This is evidenced by personalized advertising and improved brand perception by the respondents.

There are currently over 1,400 active startups in the generative AI industry. Including 55 of which focus on creating advertising creative. In the UK alone, $4.5B was invested last year in start-ups using AI. The effect of these technological advancements is that a company can create global ad campaigns in the blink of an eye. This means highly personalized campaigns can be developed for different markets at once. Nevertheless, when advertisers take up these new inventive advertising approaches. It is essential to determine how consumers will receive them to achieve maximum impact and efficacy.

Advertising to the People 

Per the evidence from a recent exploration conducted with 500-plus U.S. connected TV (CTV) users, about 74% of the people have seen commercials that they think are personal to them. A recent report on about 55% of the respondents of the new survey has revealed that old consumers who are over 55 do not have the same perception of personalized ads as teenagers. Those who are less likely to tell do not notice those ads are reported to be older adults. As aresult, this speaks to the presence of a generational barrier in terms of the way members of the different groups respond to advertisements.

Furthermore, the research also shows that nearly 40% of buyers believe that brands that incorporate the use of artificial ads are more innovative. Additionally, it was highlighted that more than half (51%) of buyers in the 35-54 age bracket supported the same viewpoint.

AI Improving Marketing 

In summary, the technology that LG Ad Solutions is using includes AI for the best efficiency and accuracy in understanding consumer behaviors across LGE global platforms and automation on the inserted ads to avoid misplacements. The AI-themed work by LG Ad Solutions is with the company’s Alpha division, which engages in natural processing technology. This technological process is quite exciting and seen as a breakthrough. AI reporting is the next step that LG Ad Solutions is likely to embrace. This will be the process that allows firms to access full analytics and take customized questions as they wish.